Veggie Quiche

Updated: Apr 12

Are you looking for the delicious and easy quiche to serve over Easter brunch or breakfast meal prep? Then, you've come to the right place; this garden-fresh flavor veggie quiche recipe will be the perfect bite. This recipe has a store-bought dairy-free crust, hearty Egg filling with dairy-free cheese, and two of the easiest veggies to prepare spinach and bell pepper. This quiche will surely wow your guest for brunch.

Let's talk crust:

A fantastic quiche is all about the best and sturdy pie crust but should also be light and flaky.

1) I used Marie Callender's deep dish frozen pastry pie shells for this recipe. The great thing about this pie crust is that it is free from 6 known allergens: Egg, fish, milk, peanut, shellfish, and tree nut-free.

2) If you have time to make the crust, you've got to make sure they are sturdy to hold your fillings.

3) You can also use refrigerated puff pastry dough.

Why this recipe works:

Quiche is so versatile that you can load it up with all of your favorite veggies. You can even do an egg-free option and use just egg brand.

You can serve this with champagne or mimosa. I served mine with sparkling lemonade for the kiddos to enjoy.


-Per Marie Callender's frozen pie instruction, it doesn't say to thaw and fill with the quiche filling.

-Chop the vegetables of your choice; this time, I used spinach and bell pepper. You can feel free to use asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, and even tomatoes.

-Cheese, I used dairy-free for health reasons, but you can swap these out with your favorite kinds of cheese.

-Eggs, you can use organic eggs or regular eggs. For this recipe, I added egg whites for extra added protein.

-Plant milk, for this recipe, I used almond milk, and it was perfection. Some recipes call for heavy cream or regular milk; the choice is yours.(Almond milk not pictured).


How to store leftover quiche:

-You can store any leftover quiche tightly covered in the refrigerator (consume within two days).

-Reheat in the oven covered at 350F for about 15-20 minutes or until heated through.

-You can heat a slice for about 1-2 minutes with 50% power.


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