Vegan Avocado Coconut Brownies

I still could not believe how incredible this tasted. Avacodo turned into a brownie (mind-blowing). My friend shared this recipe with me (Kyle, who doesn't have social media). This post is for you, my friend; thank you.

Kyle's recipe was easy to follow, but I did make some modifications according to what I have in the pantry; that's where the coconut flavor comes in. His recipe called for 1/2 avocado or 1/2 cup; I used a full small to medium-ish avocado. I used coconut milk instead of almond milk. I did not have enough maple syrup, but thankfully I had some blue organic agave. And finally, I used coconut flour instead of sprouted whole grain spelt flour. Let's get to it guys, please don't forget to tag me on Instagram if you re-create this recipe,


1 small to medium-ish ish avocado

1 cup + 3 TBSP coconut milk (or almond milk)

1/2 cup coconut palm sugar (organic brand)

1/4 cup organic blue agave (wholesome brand, if you have maple syrup that works too).

1 cup coconut flour (Anthony's brand)

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (Hershey's brand)

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

Vegan options for extra toppings:

+Add 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips (I did not have any on hand)

+For none coconut flavor, use 1 cup sprouted whole grain spelt flour

and 1 cup + 2 TBSP almond milk.

Non-Vegan options:

+Add 1/2 cup butterscotch chips (half goes inside some of the brownie batters, melt the other half with 2 TBSP almond milk for 2 minutes for the drizzle).


-Preheat the oven to 350F

-In a blender, blend the following for 15-20 seconds:

+the avocado

+coconut milk

+coconut palm sugar

+blue agave

(Blend longer if needed to make sure everything is well combined)

-In a large bowl, stir and completely combine the following:

+coconut flour (or spelt flour)

+cocoa powder

+baking soda


-Pour the avocado mixture into the bowl with the dry ingredients

(mix mix mix)

OPTION: Add your chocolate chip if you are doing this option

OPTION: Add half of the butterscotch chips to half of the batter.

-Grease a muffin tin (my batter made about 12 brownie cups)

or you can use an 8x8 baking dishpan.

-Bake for 20-25 minutes (I baked mine for 23 minutes. Use the toothpick or, in my case, knife method to poke in the center and have it come out clean).

OPTION: for the butterscotch drizzle (none vegan), microwave the remaining of your butterscotch chips with almond milk for 2-3 minutes until completely melted. Let it chill for a bit for it to thicken).



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