Quick, Simple, and Tasty Tuna Sisig (Filipino Style)

Updated: Mar 30

If you aren't familiar with Filipino food, I hope you go on yelp or google right now to find the closest Filipino restaurant near you. No joke, even though I don't eat meat anymore (just seafood), I am loud and proud of all the delicious food my culture has to offer. So, with that said, I bring you a pescatarian version of SISIG - tuna sisig.

What is Sisig?

Traditionally, Sisig is made from pig's cheeks, ears, liver, and belly. Then, they're chopped into small pieces and fried. The mixed flavor of peppers and calamansi (or lime) makes this dish the perfect appetizer or main course topped over rice. Some versions add mayonnaise for extra fat. Sisig is typically served on a sizzling plate for delicious presentation, and the smell will want you to dig right in.

Here are some key tips for when preparing the Tuna Sisig:

  • Prep the pouch or canned tuna by completely draining the liquid (we want this to be super DRY).

  • If you do not want this to be super spicy, you do not have to add the habanero peppers and stick to just the jalapeno peppers (no seeds)—shout-out to my vegan sister (Jaime) for this idea from her tofu sisig.

  • The added chopped mushroom mimic the "fatty" texture of a pork belly when mixed into this dish, so that is a must here.

  • You can eat this by itself, or just like I did, I served it over rice, with a side of pickled cucumber.

  • If you have calamansi (small citrus like lime), squeeze some juice on top of the Sisig. I only had lemon, so that's what I used for some extra flavor enhancers.

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