Paradise in a bowl (Pitaya Bowl)

I'm sure you've seen this colorful fruit bowl, or in a smoothie form everywhere in the internet and social media, Jamba sells these now. My hubby usually makes acai bowls for breakfast with his protein shake every morning, but when he ran out, he bought some pitaya (dragon fruit) frozen bag from Costco. I saw his bowl, and I was mesmerized by the color and immediately craved it. There are so many recipes out there, and you seriously cannot mess this up.

What in the world is a Pitaya?

As I mentioned above, Pitaya is a dragon fruit. This fruit reminds me of a kiwi because of its tiny black seeds and similar texture and sweet taste. I love crunchy on my food, so this fruit marks the X for me here as far as texture—the seeds of dragon fruit provides healthy fats, making this a superfood.

Here is my take on this Magenta pink high in fiber, rich in antioxidant superfood called "Pitaya."

FUN FACT: I named this "paradise in a bowl" because I pretended I was vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii while eating this. I was watching "flying over Oahu" in 4K by Nature Relaxation Films on Youtube.

Anyways, sorry, got sidetracked there.

Paradise in a bowl

  • 5oz frozen Dragon fruit (Pitayafoods brand - bite-sized cube)

  • 2oz frozen pineapple chunks

  • 4-6oz Pineapple orange juice (Dole brand)

Start with 4oz of juice, and keep adding juice little by little till you reach the desired consistency.

-Blend everything (Gotta love our Ninja blender)

-Place blended Pitaya in a bowl


-1 small banana (sliced)

-Black berries

-Maple pecan granola (good & gather brand)

I also grated one frozen pineapple chunk on top of the fruits and granola.


And always remember to eat like nobody's watching because food is life.


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