Pantry Guide To Healthy Eating

I'm sure there are many pantry guides out there, but this guide I'm sharing with you helped me through my lifestyle transition. The biggest inspiration of this guide is through the works of Dr. Epstein's traffic light eating.

What is traffic light eating?

Basically, just like the traffic light on the road, Green means go, Yellow means slow down, and Red means stop.

Greenlight foods are your healthy foods. This is the most beneficial food group—lowest in fat, sugar content, and calories.

Yellow light foods are your sometimes food choices. However, they are much lower in healthy nutrients and have higher fat, sugar content, and calories.

Red light foods are your special occasion treats. But unfortunately, they are the highest in fat, sugar content, and calories.

Organizing the pantry:

-Designate a Green, Yellow, Red, and expired area (preferably away from the pantry itself but close enough for easy organization).

-Start by slowly removing the food items you have from the pantry (look for the expiration dates).

-Once done, evaluate all three traffic light foods. Please make sure all foods are in their proper designated areas/colors.

-Start with the "Red" items. This will go on top of the pantry; as I explained above, this should be your special occasion treat-only area.

-Next, start organizing the "Yellow" items; they will typically go in the middle part of the pantry.

-Finally, grab your "Green" items or your healthy foods. This should go on the bottom of the pantry for easy access.

I hope this guide has helped you think of ways to organize your pantry. If you find this helpful, please leave me a comment below or say hi to me on my Instagram (@melshealthybowl).

Think Healthy, Not Thin!

Coach Mel

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