Easy Crab Cake + Salad dressing Recipe

The weather is warming up in the Valley; 100f+ degrees calls for cooling meals. This crab cake is the perfect protein to add to any salad, along with my honey mustard orange dressing. This meal is the ideal way to cool down this summer.

As a pescatarian, crab meat has been one of my favorite proteins to create recipes with. This crab cake is so easy to make; it requires ingredients that you may already have in your pantry—packed with juicy crab meat, flaky crumbs, and delicious seasoning.

How to:

-For this recipe, it's best to leave the crab meat in lumps (do not shred it). Mixing all the ingredients will naturally shred some pieces off anyways.

-Seasoning, I used creole seasoning and old bay. Honestly, do not sub this seasoning out.

-Parsley, for that pop of green and freshness.

-Mayonnaise, serves as a binder, you only need a little of it, but this will help keep the crab cakes intact.

-Egg, is another essential ingredient to keep the crab cake together.

-Dijon mustard, adds flavor and moisture to the crab cakes.

-Breadcrumbs, I use panko; this makes the crab cake crispy and gives it a nice texture.

-Spicy sauce, sriracha + mayo drizzled on top.


-For the best crab cake, use fresh lump crab meat, none of that imitation crab.

-Also, before forming the crab cake patties, I like to refrigerate the mixture for up to 1 hour. This helps prevent them from falling apart while forming the patties.

-You can also air fry or broil the crab cakes; the choice is yours.

-I served the crab cake over a summer salad with my honey mustard dressing, and drizzled sriracha mayo on top.


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