Butternut Mac and Cheese

Who loves Mac and cheese? I do I do I do ohh! This version of Mac and cheese is not only creamy and cheesy but also healthy and tasty.

Growing up, I think kraft boxed Mac and cheese is the only thing I knew how to cook, and even for me, that is still my go-to Mac and cheese for when I crave it (and I'm in my 30s). This butternut squash mac and cheese recipe I’m going to share is kid-friendly and adult proof. You only need three ingredients and the seasoning you’ll most likely already have in your pantry, easy peasy as 1-2-3! Lol

What kind of pasta can I use?

The great thing about Mac and cheese is that there’s a huge selection of pasta to choose from, this is all up to you. In my recipe, I usually go for Ditalini, the shape of the pasta is easy to pick up by my toddler's little hands.

Other pasta I’ve used:

-Classic elbow macaroni


Don’t overcook the pasta

Nobody wants an overcooked pasta, it gets mushy and just not that appealing. Follow the box instruction on cooking time and subtract a minute or two, and you’ll get it perfect.

Butternut squash cheese sauce:

I usually cut and prepare the butternut squash while the pasta is cooking. This way, when the pasta is done cooking, you can use that pasta water for cooking the butternut squash.

What kind of cheese can I use?

The secret to having a tasty Mac and cheese is to find the right cheese, check out my go-to cheese down below:

-Monterey Jack


-Medium to sharp cheddar

-Sharp cheddar with a note of Parmesan (by good and gather, ultimate game changer).

Who said you could only use one kind of cheese? After all this recipe is still Mac and cheese, be cheesy as much as possible!

Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese Recipe

Main ingredients:

1) One box of Ditalini Pasta (by Barilla)

2) One medium Butternut squash (cut and cubed) or you can buy a pre-cut butternut squash from Whole Foods

3) 3-4 cups of cheese

4) 2 cups of vegetable stock (optional)


Garlic salt




1) Boil water, cook pasta according to package (- 1 minute or 2).

2) Cut and prepare butternut squash while the pasta is cooking or if you buy the pre-cut butternut squash, you can cook the squash in 2 cups of vegetable stock for 15-20 minutes until soft.

3) Drain the pasta, but save the water for the squash (if you are not using vegetable stock).

4) Cook squash for about 15-20 min, drain some of the water out (save just in case you need to thin out your cheese sauce). If you are using vegetable stock, you will most likely keep all of the stock.

5) Blend the squash in a blender, or if you have an immersion hand blender, that will work wonders here.

6) Add 3-4cups of cheese of your choice.

7) Add pasta when you are happy with the cheese/squash consistency (season w garlic salt, salt & pepper).

Mix well & ENJOY!


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